A Closer Look

Our nurses work with you to assess if you need an ultrasound, and if you do, you’ll have it done at a follow-up appointment. It’s free, confidential, and safe.

PRC of Metro Richmond is listed by the Virginia Department of Health as a clinic that provides free ultrasounds.


While a pregnancy test will tell you that you’re pregnant, an ultrasound gives you a more complete look at your pregnancy. It can help determine how far along you are, and if the pregnancy is growing. This gives you the best information you need if you’re considering abortion, including:

  • Determining how far along you are

  • Heartbeat

  • Position and size of the embryo

  • Number of embryos

  • Evaluating the possibility of a miscarriage or pregnancy in your fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy) so you can get the medical treatment you need

Is an Ultrasound safe?

Yes. In fact, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) has studied ultrasounds for 40 years and report they are safe.

Who DOES the ultrasound?

Our nurses are specially trained to do ultrasounds and are supervised by our medical director. Your ultrasound report will be reviewed and signed by a doctor.


The PRC only uses ultrasounds to determine your due date and see if your pregnancy is growing. We don’t provide ultrasounds to:

  • Tell you if you’re having a boy or a girl

  • Tell you who the father is

  • Determine if a negative pregnancy test was correct

  • Rule out fetal abnormalities

    We can refer you to an OBGYN who provides complete prenatal care.

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