An Unplanned Pregnancy Impacts Him Too

You are encouraged to bring your partner with you. It helps when you both know all options available for an unplanned pregnancy.

We are here to help him too!

Does he know?

  • how significant his support is in helping you best navigate through your available options?

  • how he can step up and do that in a real, practical way?

  • about comprehensive information on all pregnancy options?

We want to help him understand what you really need from him and provide a safe place to explore pregnancy options and his feelings in a compassionate, nonjudgmental and supportive environment.

PRC has male staff who will answer your partner’s questions. They’ll help him think through the challenges you may be facing so you can better communicate with each other.

If you decide on the option to parent, PRC has resources that can help dad be the best father he can be:

  • Plan and achieve goals that could include considering ways of expanding employment opportunities or other areas you want to focus on.

  • Classes on decision-making, parenting, and relationships

  • Make wise decisions about relationships, fatherhood, finances, and more

PRC of Metro Richmond: Your center for pregnancy decisions.